10 Things Kids Can Do At Agriculture in the City

  1. Hop on a bicycle grinder and mill flour from Canadian soft wheat.
  2. Find out which bugs are farmers’ best friends.
  3. Collect bug cards and wear a bug tattoo.
  4. Learn from Chef Barb how to make Corn and Black Bean Salsa with ingredients from around the world.*
  5. Calculate how far the salsa ingredients travelled to Burnaby.
  6. Milk Delilah the fibreglass cow.
  7. Visit the glass greenhouse and see what grows inside.
  8. Build the Canadian Farming puzzle – it’s bigger than your kitchen table.

  9. Discover new words and strange facts about farming when author Carol Watterson reads from her book Alfalfabet A-Z.*
  10. Visit the Poultry in Motion outdoor exhibit on Saturday, and see chicks, mature birds, and laying hens.  If you’re lucky you might see a chicken lay an egg, but can you tell which came first?

*Check the Activity Schedule for times on the cooking demonstrations and readings.

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