Sustainable Pest Control

It’s a bug eat bug world out there and Agriculture in the City partners, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Institute for Sustainable Horticulture in Langley are using this to benefit farmers and protect the environment. Researchers at AAFC and students at Kwantlen match beneficial insects with pests in order to reduce the amount of pesticides used in agriculture. In North America we have been using “nature” to help control pests since 1882. Using live organisms to control insects, weeds and plant diseases is referred to as “biocontrol” or “biological control”.

As part of the greenhouse installation at Agriculture in the City visitors will have a chance to see the effects of these beneficial bugs first hand. All are commonly found on farms as well as in urban gardens.

See if you can match the list of common pests and beneficial insects with what they eat (answers are below).

1. Flower flies (pictured)                            a) Cabbage loopers

2. Aphids                                                  b) Cabbage

3. Spined soldier bugs                               c) Aphids

4. Cabbage loopers                                   d) Flowers, fruit and vegetables

Answers: 1-c (beneficial),  2-d (pest),  3-a (beneficial),  4-b (pest).

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