Laura Rance
Friday’s Master of Ceremonies:  11:00 am –  3:00 pm


Laura Rance is an award-winning journalist who has been writing about farm and rural issues for nearly 30 years. She grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba and has lived in rural communities for most of her career. Laura is currently editor of the Manitoba Co-operator and a business columnist with the Winnipeg Free Press.

Through her body of work,  Laura has been able to connect urban readers with rural and small farm issues. During her time as a journalist,  she has written articles on biofuels,  local agriculture,  food security and the livestock industry. These columns help to build awareness about food system issues in Manitoba while creating connections between urban and rural populations.


Diane Wreford
Saturday’s Master of Ceremonies:  11:00 am –  3:00 pm


All of her life,  Diane has taken “the road less travelled” and that has made all the difference! Having grown up in the City of Winnipeg,  Diane was the tenth woman ever to graduate from agriculture at the University of Manitoba.

She has worked in agricultural communications her entire career – telling stories of success and failure,  promoting science and exposing scams – and she’s been recognized with provincial,  national and international awards.
Diane is currently Director of Communications and Development for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association in Winnipeg.
With so much to do and so many marvelous people to meet,  Diane plans to make the most of it.



Ace Burpee
Sunday’s Master of Ceremonies:  11:00 am –  3:00 pm




Ace Burpee is the Program Director for HOT 103 and host of the Ace Burpee Show.

Ace was raised in Cooks Creek,  Manitoba but now calls Winnipeg home. In his spare time,  he enjoys fishing,  skateboarding and playing hockey,  soccer and basketball. Ace is a HUGE hockey fan and is hoping to be the future General Manager of the next NHL team to call Winnipeg home.

Ace is not only a radio personality but a writer,  humanitarian,  community advocate,  and active social media user –  he can Tweet in his sleep. On top of that,  he can drive a combine,  a balewagon and is very good with a rototiller.



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