Four top-notch farmers share videos and their own stories about producing food. Courtesy of Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), the organization that speaks up for Manitoba farmers.

Friday, March 15th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Some of Manitoba’s greatest resources are in our rural areas, from the people, to renewable energy to our natural environment.

Join us on Friday at The Forks main stage to hear Manitoba farmers share their passion for agriculture and their experience.

Confirmed guests include:

Curtis McRae, St. Andrews Grain Farmer Keystone Agricultural Producers Vice-President

Curtis will touch on the season of farming and the cycle of harvest and what it means to farmers.

Curtis McRae graduated with a B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering and farms 5,000 acres with his brother in St. Andrews, Manitoba, just north of Winnipeg. He farms mostly around Oak Hammock Marsh, the world’s best goose hunting area. Curtis will tell you how he runs a mixed farming operation that includes raising cattle and growing canola – and how he loves it!


Doug Chorney, East Selkirk Grain Farmer Keystone Agricultural Producers President

Doug Chorney is a producer from East Selkirk, He is a vegetable grower and mixed-crop farmer who will share his love of farming.

Doug was elected President at KAP’s 2011 annual meeting and continues to hold that positon. He served as Vice President in 2010.

Doug holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Manitoba and has worked in the resource and aerospace industries prior to coming back to the family farm full time almost 20 years ago.


Marg Rempel, Mixed FarmMarg Rempel

Marg Rempel, who operates a mixed farm that includes raising hogs, will share her passion for supplying a quality food product.




Kurt Siemens, Egg Farmer, Manitoba Egg Farmers Member 

Kurt Siemens can’t wait to go to work in the mornings and will detail his farm’s change from traditional hen housing to enriched housing.