Discover Agriculture in the City is a free event that offers a chance to explore the vibrant and innovative world of agriculture. Everyone is welcome to come discover how agriculture impacts our daily lives.

  • Meet farmers who grow the food you eat
  • Find information on exciting careers in agriculture
  • Learn how science and research helps make our food safe, healthy, and delicious
  • See how Manitoba crops are being used for food and non-food uses

Agriculture in the City is your chance to explore the exciting world of agriculture.

Once upon a time, most Canadians lived on farms. But now, we buy most of our food from the store. You can narrow the gap between the farm and your fork…at the Forks! Kids can learn and play interactive games. Adults can meet local farmers, find new recipes, or learn about food safety.

Agriculture isn’t only about food. Crayons, floor coverings and shaving cream all have links to the farm. Find out what innovations are happening now, and how much we depend on a clean, healthy environment for our future. Canada’s most vibrant industry is open for you to discover in 2020 at The Forks Market in Winnipeg.